28 December 2009


These are the cameras I will bring to Sweden. honestly, I wanted to bring an old canon single reflex cam instead of Minolta SLF. but it must be easier for me to take some by the Minolta one. & it is not so bad so :] Gosh, I need to bring lots of films!but i'm in love with Leica now! but I cannot afford to buy one boooo.


  1. I wish I could have somehow managed to master a camera like this.

    I had an old Nikon that I borrowed from my grandparents that I used when my friend came from Japan. I even bought special film from the Lomography people.

    Unfortunatel, I didn't know what I was doing and opened the thing up and the film was all ruined by the light. I LOST ALL of those pictures.

    I'm debating whether or not I should buy a new small camera like that, or if I should just try the same one again with the funky film. Do you know if I'll get the cool effect?

  2. oh hey but I still don't really manage to take fine pics by them. their cameras happen miracles (in both a good & a bad way lol)

    wow I also have an old camera(mine is canon)I borrowed from my dad. I always buy some lomo films on the net, but now feel like digging more other great films :)

    I made the same mistake like lights got into the film & I almost ruined the film. so, I try to take the same pics by my digital one, too.
    Cool effects..hmmm it depends on the films or the cameras. my friend uses Leica, but that is so nice. I probably should learn more about photography more, too!
    Oh, Kodak films turn out vivid colors, i heard. Omg, sorry I wrote too much here!!^^;