25 January 2010


My job at National Diet Library will be starting from tomorrow! I'm more excited than worried. you know, working at such place is just gonna be my precious exprerience in my life. :) The location has also like the supreme court or the Diet nearby, so there must be tons of business people in suits. It seems that it's alright for us, part-time job staffs, to wear casual clothes except jeans. oh not jeans!!?
My all-time bottoms are mostly jeans....
so I had to buy some more trousers of black or I wanted to buy skirts, too, but you know, my thick legs!! lol

Anyway, I'd do my best & also enjoy doing the job to earn for my near future ;)

The swedish study plan in Stockhom has been set
already (& almost)!
All I gotta do until I fly there is buy air-tix,
reserving the two classes, & earn the living fees I will
use over there.
Until June, I'm doing my very very best!!!
And, also, I'll live healthy and then
I will try to be much much healthier than now! :)
2 months in Stockholm.
That must be an unknown time for me, defenitely.
but if there sure are some obstacles & hardships over there,
with lots of prayers & curiousness of mine,
I'd love to overcome for sure.

何事も感謝で 毎日過ごしていこうと思います。

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