27 December 2012

Ett tag sen sist och nu är julen över för detta år.

Hi there

 I am totally lazy on updating this kind of stuff. These days it's been hard for me to stay up late, 
so I just have energies to eat dinner and do the stuff which I gotta do before going to sleep after 
I got back home from school & work. There might be a low possibility that I can be a blogger, haha.
Well, anyway, I had a small Christmas dinner party, which was really fun  with my friends the other day.
My Swedish friends made Swedish styled Christmas dishes which are so so yum, and my Japanese friend made yummy kladdkaka(chocolate cake)♪ I'm thankful to my friends for such a wonderful dinner!   


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  1. Andreas and I were so happy to have you here : ) maybe we can have swedish "filmkväll" sometime? If you don't to much to study!

    Vi hörs och ses!