21 February 2010


This is my favourite Japanese fashion magazine. The clothes on it are mostly expensive, so I can barely afford for them. But, looking at beautiful stuffs or fashionable stuffs gives me some passions to step forward. in some way. Anyway! I will be starting doing illustrations a bit from now on. :) I'm reaaaaally bad at drawing, well, I've been thinking so since I was a school girl, but in these last 2 years, I'm more more interested in arts. Esp, they are photography, architecture(& interior things), and web-designs. I don't know.... if I have any abilities for them or not. just...I LOVE THEM.

I happily found a nice clothes store called Crimp which is located in Jiyu-gaoka in Tokyo. Their clothes are just what I want now somehow. and also they are kinda reasonable. I should go there to get spring clothes in the near future! :)


  1. Cool! I know they have a men's fudge too, right? I like this style..Is a little bit derived from Comme Des Garcons it looks like..Awesome.

    I REALLY want to see your illustrations! Would you be doing any people? I'd be interested to see that.

    As far as buying new clothes...My style is ALWAYS changing! What I hate about here in Oklahoma is that there are no NEW stores (as in not furugi..haha) that carry clothes I like.

    But, what's fun is, I go to the cool furugi shops in Tokyo, and they give me ideas of how to mix and matched used clothing, and I come back to the USA and get it cheap.

    Except maybe I'm kind of weird here because I don't dress like everybody else. haha

  2. you dress kinda unique, i guess! (in a good meaning, of course :)) I KNOW!! I also LOVE furugi, and would love to dig more cool second-hand stores in Tokyo. but some of them are flippin' expensive, so I wanna find shops which give us nice "reasonable" price.

    I am in the middle of practicing illustrating. too embarrassed to show ppl mine still.*_*

    & guess what, you are so right! the clothes on the first pic is from Comme Des Garcons :) you are sugoi. haha