25 November 2011

He's returned to me

I met this mantis outside of the window at home yesterday. When I opened the window this morning,
he was just right at the same place as he was yesterday. I took some photos of him yesterday, so I thought
he might enjoy becoming a model for me, and came back again., haha. Well, he posed well like this in front of
my camera today. Don't know why but I have chances to encounter mantises many times this autumn.
And this is my brunch. I remembered there was salted cod roes and a bit of cream left in the fridge,
so decided to make this pasta. Too easy, too tasty!

22 November 2011


Japanese style barbecued pork ( The taste of sesame ) and the porks on rice.

Got the souvenir my friend bought in France. What a cute and novel designed hot chocolate!

17 November 2011


つい一日前Newsでボジョレーヌーボのことを見るまで買おうと思ってなかったけど、なんだか今日になったら、せっかく記念物だし味わっておこうかな~と、そこにあった一番安いボトルを買った。ボジョレーヌーボについて調べたら、それは結局試飲目的のワインなんですね。それになんか7千円も8千円も出すなら、もっといいワイン買いたいですよね~^^; でも今日また作ったイカの塩辛との相性は良かったから、一応満足!手作りイカの塩辛はゴハン何杯でもいけちゃうね♪ 我が家ではゆずとみかんが大量になっているので、ゆず果汁とゆず皮を入れて香りを効かせてます。

14 November 2011


These are the quiche I made and a random cat around my neighborhood. There was a IKEA Family's magazine in the mailbox of my house today. I heard my dear's voice for a short while. Those things totally made my day. Simply happy. People can possibly be happy if you gather each of many small happy events, I believe. Oh golly, I really have to get starting the study for the upcoming quiz....! Hang in there, me.

12 November 2011


Igår regnade det hela dagen men jag kände inte alls mig ledsen. Det blev lite kallare och jag kunde ha på mig min älskade jacka. Jag var ganska lycklig över det förutom den hemska luftfuktigheten och massa folk inne i tåget. Efter att jag hade slutat jobb intervjun hade jag mycket tid tills lektionen på skolan börjar från kl. 18, så åkte till Fotografimuseet som jag hade velat gå!
Konceptet av fotoutställningen som jag såg var "Barn". Jag känner alltid... att allt i foto stannar. Tid, människor, vind, djur. Men allt rör sig och lever på samma gång. Magiskt känns det.

10 November 2011


I've missed the BBQ taco which I tasted a bit at Taco Bar in Stockholm, and have wanted to make my own one 'cause we don't have Taco Bar in Japan. The sweet rich tasted BBQ sauce really suits the taco & the sour cream sauce on it! It tasted absolutely gorgeous. What I was a bit surprised is that my grandma really really liked the taco. I thought the sauce might be too sweet for her, but she liked everything in & on the taco, like the sauces, spicy tasted chicken in it, and tortilla!
I used to eat canned chili con carne & rice together when I was staying in Sweden 'cause it was perfectly easy and fast. But it is actually much yummier than you expect! I sometimes think that the dishes of Middle southern American countries have good matches with rice. Ahhh that was absolutely one of the satisfying dinners I've experienced maybe.

08 November 2011

Designs from Sweden #1

Chai tea

Fil milk


Gulasch soup

Jasmine rice
Brown eggs
Lever paste
Frozen fish gratin

All of these are "Garant" brand which is created by Axfood AB in Sweden. Everytime I was in Sweden and went to supermarkets, there was seldom days when I didn't see the "G" mark and didn't buy their products. Simple designs but they are used a lot of pastel or vivid colors on packages. Shopping can become more fun & cheerful if these kinds of pop designs are existed at supermarkets, I bet! My design collections will be continued....

03 November 2011

helgdag med kusinen

The bunny ring I found and bought at H&M. Cute & cheap.

We found a really comfortable & fashionable cafe which serves yummy apple pie & french wines.

American lemonade.

Warm apple pie with cinnamon flavors & vanilla ice cream.

Dang, Buffalo 66 is one of the coolest movies I like, ahhhh. :)

p.s. Vad jag älskar min gubbe som är världens snällaste.
Detta är det enda jag vill säga innan jag slutar ögonen ikväll.

02 November 2011

Pappas kamera

I might be really lucky, because both my grandpa and my dad did buy some lovely cameras when they were young. Now it's only me that takes photos in my family. Film photos have their own beauty which cannot be compared to the beauty of digital ones. I love photos by film all the time. They melt and ease my mind. I'll go out with this old camera tomorrow.

30 October 2011

Sweet memories o' mine

One film had been in one of my cameras for a few months, so had it developed today even though the film was not finished yet. 'Cause I was too curious to wait to finish the roll and check them out! I completely forgot what I took before, but the photos were taken in Tallinn last summer, and also in Stockholm this February. This feels kinda exciting and great that you totally forget what you took a long time ago, find the film roll quite suddenly from your camera, and the photos bring back all memories to you after the film was developed. Sweet memories o' mine.

ずーっと、私のCanon Demiの中に入ってたフィルムが気になっていて、全部撮り終わってなかったけど待ちきれなくて、今日現像してきてみた。そしたら、昨年のタリンで撮ったのと今年の2・3月のスウェーデンのが数枚プリントされてきた。全然覚えてなかったので、なんかそれを見た瞬間、その当時にふわ~っと引き戻された気分だった。こういう風に、昔撮ったフィルムをどこかにそーっと、ずーっと長い間しまっておいて、ある日現像に出すと思わぬ写真に感動するかもしれないです。私の祖父の二眼レフカメラからも、最近数十年前のフィルムが出てきて、今さっそく現像中。来週の出来上がりが楽しみ!ただ、フィルムは入ってるのを知らずに一瞬開けてしまったので、多分感光しちゃったかもですが・・。

24 October 2011

Kawaii snack

In the world, one of the most famous Japanese words must be "Kawaii(cute)" nowadays. Japanese companies often
create cute designs for food, clothes, advertisements and packages! This snack was already sold when I was a kid.
I didn't even eat sweet cakes or snack much when I was little, but I happened to find this snack at home just now.
It is crispy & this one tastes strawberry and chocolate. I enjoyed eating it when I was watching Addams Family tonight.

På trädgården hos mig


20 October 2011

Blödande pannkakor

Så här ser mitt dagens mellanmål ut. Mina pannkakor blöder. Det som ser ut som kaffe är inte kaffe faktiskt.
Den drinken är gjort av maskrosrötter, men den smakar som kaffe. Den är jättenyttig hörde jag.

"This is my today's snack. My pancakes are bleeding. The one which looked like coffee is not actually coffee.
That is made of the roots of dandelion, but that tastes just like coffee. I heard that it's so good for your body. "


Flyter i luften. Sjunker ner i marken. fast jag är kvar här. Min kropp är kvar här utan hjärtat. Lämnade mitt hjärta på väg hit. Det är därför att jag måste vänta ett stund här. Jag måste ha hjärtat tillbaka igen. Undrar vilken väg jag promenerade. Undrar hur jag kan påminna mig. Hoppas det fortfarande är levande tills jag når det.

19 October 2011

Ett tillfällig liv

The momentary scenery is such fleeting. It appears suddenly and is gone instantly.
That has incredible beauties because it's fleeting and fragile. Good-bye, my 19th, Oct.

17 October 2011

I broschyren

This brochure was published from Nikon at the end of September in Japan. And happily a photo of mine was in it.
It is small but you can see the right on the top in the second photo here. The photo was taken at Rådmansgatan
station this February in Stockholm. I could finally get the brochure in my hands, so here it is. There are tons of skills
that I want to/need to learn on photography. I do miss taking photos with my analogue cameras. Gotta do it!

16 October 2011

Höst #1

"Dear autumn. You are really lovely and artistic."

Took pics at the small festival which was held at the shrine near my house. On the way

home from the festival('cause that was pretty boring, we just left the place so early), we dropped by the small park near the shrine. There were full of autumn fruits on the trees. We picked a few big quinces from one tree. We will make fruit wine with them later.