25 March 2013

Happy Waffle's Day

Today it's Waffle's day in Sweden. Well, I'm not a big fan of sweet things, but just wanted to take a 
pic and to eat strawberries too! The berries were so freaking good. The aroma of strawberry comforts me.

23 March 2013



20 March 2013

Tough spring

Spring has come. Becoming warm. My nose and eyes are crying, because of pollens.
The rhubarbs are growing again, which makes me a bit excited. Flowers bloom, new leaves grow.
That's what I like about spring, but basically I start feeling dull, have pollen-allergy symptoms, and
many small bugs become active in spring, so I don't really like spring. Oh gosh, yes, and I've started
 my job-hunting this spring. This already kills my nerves, but I will do my best coz I basically really wanna
work as full-timer. Surely one of the damn tiring tough times in my life. It's tougher when I am in a depressing
period. Well, I just hope this tough hunting period will soon be over. 
Wearing suits, go to companies, and having interviews, going to school, working part-time, studying at home,
eating, sleeping and shitting. Sounds like I'm living.. right? sigh