28 December 2009


These are the cameras I will bring to Sweden. honestly, I wanted to bring an old canon single reflex cam instead of Minolta SLF. but it must be easier for me to take some by the Minolta one. & it is not so bad so :] Gosh, I need to bring lots of films!but i'm in love with Leica now! but I cannot afford to buy one boooo.

23 December 2009

23rd Dec

I'm not christian, so should not so much care about Christmas. BUT, I just would love to cook Christmas dishes :) My mom bought beefs for steaks, so I wanted to make a roasted beef but
it doesn't matter! My plan for tomorrow(Christmas Eve) is cooking Beef Steaks & Janssons Frestelse. Janssons one is very swedish.I just will have to go buy a pack of cream & anchovy.

I was supposed to go to IKEA to buy some black plates or red plates but..... too much work, so gave up :P I can rarely wait for my mom to smile at their foods!

19 December 2009

11 December 2009


Finland cafe空いてなかったし・・・boo!


そんで アートすっき!だから

07 December 2009

if only

i'd love to use a typewriter, and
love to send loveletters to you

03 December 2009


vill ha picknick
med mina kompisar och en korg
som är fyllt med god mat :)

02 December 2009


i am amnesia now. in the meantime.

don't overdose, people.

30 November 2009

dreams (when you sleep)

I had 2 dreams last night. one is a wonderful dream, & another one is a kinda weird dream. The first one is that I met Martin of Detektivbyrån! I actually could talk to him & get autographs of him. haha hope it would last much longer. The second one is that I turned to be a lesbian. omg.
I mean, well, I don't deny I cannot be a lesbian, but it was just weird. I tried to make love to who I know.... of course, the "who" was a girl. ah just weird. :P

it just helped cos they were not nightmares.

28 November 2009


Lovely days in a row.
I saw my fav american friend yesterday ;)
& I went to IKEA to buy a new chair for me.
Det är bara jätte jätte bra!
jag tror att jag skulle skriva min blogg
på svenska ibland.
tja... jag ska försöka.


27 November 2009


I've got the poem book of Goethe.
How adorable people who lived in old world
even thought the same things as people
who live in current world.
Love remains.
I'm going out with Karissa this afternoon :)
very very looking forward to meeting her
& going to some second-hand shops.

26 November 2009

Lovely Packages Day!

In my post,

2 packages were delivered.

One : The Tote of Heartsrevolution!!!

Two : A novel "On The Road"

Buddha, thanks a lot a lot a lot for today.

24 November 2009

MONKI by sweden


Fuck adverb effects! I listen to music strangely.
medicines are good, and bad oh the other hand.
& when i called lilla dalarna just now,
the job hiring was over, the staff said.

23 November 2009

H&M Zara

H&M and Zara are very useful for me who is like a poor student.
they have cheap stuffs but the designs are trendy.
I didn't really want to take trains coz i have panic attack
but when i was listening to music by Ipod,
I could bare the situation.

I meant to buy a coat but
couldnt find any coats which can fit on me.
so i just bought a pair of shoes & some accesories.

When I looked at the site called stockholm street style,
one girl was wearing a really cool cardigan which is sold at Zara.
when I went to Zara & asked a male staff about it,
he brought me the "exact" one.
I bought that of course :D
damn cute.

That might be the one which i'm gonna wear when
I will see my friends next month ;)

oh jesus.... oh no, buddha,
Let me start working as soon as possible!
we'll see if my medication will help me a lot or not.
I try to believe that it will!

21 November 2009

not yet maybe



20 November 2009

money doesnt help me

Finland Café

I'm planning to visit Finland Café with my friend next month.
It's located in Shibuya though, not in Finland!
The atmosphere looks gorgeous when I see photos on the website.
seems Finnish traditional foods resemble to some Swedish foods.
Jansson's temptation or meatballs with lingonberry jam.
it might be cos Finland was once reigned by Sweden?!

I look forward to seeing hiromi & karissa in tokyo,
oh it's been like ages since we saw each other.
I'm hoping this December will be the best month for me
in 2009.

18 November 2009


it's gonna be like a dream next year.
the bands i've been dying to see are coming.

i now just hope my condition will be ok around those gig dates.

16 November 2009


Finally I got a pack of rye flour,
so then baked rye breads twice so far.
need more trainings for baking.
anyways, the taste was incredible!
i love rye rye rye rye rye rye

11 November 2009


My herbs are growing day by day <3>
I just can't wait to use them for my cooking.

05 November 2009


This is the second time that I baked Cinamon Rolls.
I made it so good this time!
The shape of mine in the pic is a Finnish style.
It's called korvapuusti which means "a punched ear."
hmm interesting.
I bought another item of Kate Moross' from England.
She is my all-time favourite designer.
Well, she's literally an illustrator but also designed Tees and
accesories, and make music videos nowadays.
so very talented!
My new item is a triangle necklace of her.
She started to sell white ones before, but they soon got sold out.
I wanted to get a white one but it's not being sold this time, so
chose a black one.
in which situation should I wear it...
Wish I could be going out slowly, and be going to any gigs to wear it.