01 March 2010

postcard from stockholm

I love love love vintage postcards...vintage atmosphere...and time I feel nostalgic from those vintage photos. The Clothes also! I promised my friends I would send postcards to them from Sweden. Can't wait! I love writing letters more than writing emails, I guess. From heart to heart. The most important thing.
Hmm, I've been thinking what kind of camera films I better bring there. I still have to learn the know-how about films. I decided already that I would earn to get a Digital SLR Camera after I got back from Sweden.
I probably can use the camera IF I get to go to a photo school next year or around the time. What I'm thinking is I'll take a special entrance exam to get into Uni to major Economics first, and if I still have guts & can afford, I'm going to go to a photo school just once a week. Other people judge whether I have talents for a photograhper or not. Not me.
I just want to express what I do. Does it come from Photography? Music? Cooking? Languages? Interior cordinator? Whatever I'm into it.
The thing which I can express myself by using all of them is a Cafe. :) That is my all-time dream. not a day dream! Am I gonna open it in Japan or...hmm Sweden? I have no idea yet :P

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