01 January 2011

1.1.2011 *Rabbit Year*


The new year has finally come!
I feel grateful that everybody around me had a safe new year's day.
On new year's eve (I mean yesterday), I made a bit of new years meal which is called Osechi
in Japanese. I usually don't really make that at home but urged to do it to feel that I'm Japanese this time.
I wore a kimono today. This is also an unusual event for me, but wanted to wear it really. :)
I was told that I look better in Kimono than in westernized clothes by my grandma though.

I'm going to Harajuku to shop with my cousin tomorrow. Hmm :) Looking forward to it.
Though I hate being in crowded places, waaaaah. So, we will definitely escape from Harajuku
after we finished shopping there. I just love the cozy time when I sit and talk at cafe. :)
Trying to take the new year's views in Tokyo by my cam, and uploading here!

Hope you all will have a fantastic 2011!!! Let's move on!


  1. haha xd grandmas are all about saying stuff like that xD my says i look better with my hair in a ponytail, but i like myself better with my hair loose :) once again.. Ewelina.

  2. Ohhh Ewelina!!! So glad you gave me comments :) I will more feel like writing if someone checks my blog out hehe. Haha yeah? Let me see your pony tail hair sometime!

  3. haha.. yeah, i check it from time to time ^^ hmm.. i'll try to show you.. sometime soon ^^