04 September 2011


Pasta. Seems that it literally means "Paste" or "dough" in Latin.
What I got interested in is that there is a law which you need to make pasta by semolina and water if you want to
make dried pasta in Italia. (from Wikipedia) Very Italian, isn't it? :) Feel like going to Italy and learn every kinds of
pasta in the future, really! What I made today might be called "Japanese styled pasta." I used cuttlefish pickled in salt.
Actually, I have no idea how to call it in English. In Japanese, it's called "Ika no Shiokara" which is salted squid with its
guts. Sounds eww?? It tastes so good with rice, and it is one of the traditional Japanese food.
It tastes thick and salty, so you may be able to use that instead of Anchovy.
I cooked this pasta with ingredients like the salted squid, garlic milk, black pepper, the skins of yuzu(Japanese citrus) and
qing-geng-cai(or Japanese mustard spinach). When milk and the thick taste of squid get mixed, it tastes like cheese.
This is one of my Japanese styled pasta I often make. People in Japan can maybe try that. ^^

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