29 June 2012

Ett tag sen sist


Hejsan hejsan! 
It's been over a half year since the last post here, oh gosh. I've lived my life totally away from here.
I become surprisingly lazy when it comes to updating this kind of stuff. Since I was away from here, 
I flew to Sweden and spent Christmas & New Year's day for the first time in the country. 
There were not much snows during the Christmas period, so I was a bit sad about it, but I had so much
fun there with my bf, his family and his friends. 
Before 24th & 25th, there were full of people who looked for the Christmas presents at the last minute
 at any shopping markets. We were also one of them. :) 
I'd already bought my presents for his family in advance in Japan, like something very Japanese!

We heard  that everyone who would join the Xmas party liked sushi a lot, so we brought more than 
100 pieces of sushi to the party. Shrimps, salmon, squid, omelette, eel and rolls! 
What I was surprised is that my bf's niece(6 y/o that time) took lots of Wasabi on her plate and 
enjoyed eating sushi with it, haha. There are lots of kids who can't eat wasabi even in Japan though.
Julbord was simple but really good! 
I loved everything, esp, eggs, home-made mushroom sauce and senapsill and gräddesill.

After we ate the dishes, we gathered at the living room and opened all of our presents.
This is so much different from Japanese Christmas. There is a paper which is written "this is for whom.
& bla bla bla.." on each presents, and one person reads the message and gives the present to each ppl.
That should take time if there are so many ppl at party. I got several books I had wanted & chocolates
& more from the family. I gave Japanese designed hair clips tomy bf's sister & his brother's wife,
an Okinawan designed bag to his mom, and his niece & nephew Japanese snacks & toys. 
We played so much with the paper balloons together. :) The kids are so lovable, and I thought it might be
easier for me to communicate with kids & old people than young folks, haha.  




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