20 March 2013

Tough spring

Spring has come. Becoming warm. My nose and eyes are crying, because of pollens.
The rhubarbs are growing again, which makes me a bit excited. Flowers bloom, new leaves grow.
That's what I like about spring, but basically I start feeling dull, have pollen-allergy symptoms, and
many small bugs become active in spring, so I don't really like spring. Oh gosh, yes, and I've started
 my job-hunting this spring. This already kills my nerves, but I will do my best coz I basically really wanna
work as full-timer. Surely one of the damn tiring tough times in my life. It's tougher when I am in a depressing
period. Well, I just hope this tough hunting period will soon be over. 
Wearing suits, go to companies, and having interviews, going to school, working part-time, studying at home,
eating, sleeping and shitting. Sounds like I'm living.. right? sigh  

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