27 October 2014

Hello again.

Wow, time has flown so quickly. I feel so more strongly year by year. 
It's been a year since the last time I wrote here, and has been already two years since our
beloved dog passed away. Has anything changed in my life in these past years, or not?
How are you all doing? I hope everything's been all right with you all.

I came back home from my Sweden trip about 10 days ago.
When I was a kid, I did never expect that I would go to Sweden this much in the future.
This trip was the sixth or seventh time for me to visit there. Some people say that Sweden
is not really an exciting country to live in. Well, probably yes if you compare Stockholm to
cities like New York, London, Paris & Tokyo. Stockholm(& also other cities in Sweden) have
their own beauties, appeals and atmospheres, I feel. I like the air of Sweden. 

I'm planning to visit there next summer again. And after that, I'll officially try to begin my
preparations for moving there. Life has lots of hardships, worries, sufferings & so on, 
but no one can never escape from them. I have lived peacefully with my family so far in my
life, and I guess I've been way too dependent on my family's kindness & love. 
I don't think that moving out of this house and living separated from my family are called 
'independent', but I sometimes get concerned about my future without my parents. 
In the future, my parents will pass away & of course I will pass away, too. 
I haven't really done 親孝行 to my parents yet, and just hope that moving abroad won't be
親不孝 to them. これについての答えはうまく出せませんが、頑張って自分なりに一生懸命







友人♪とTram Cafeに乗ってみたり・・


 (マンゴーパッションソルベとKvarg vaniljを一緒に食べるのがやめられない止まらない)
 (Sushi bar Senseiで寿司ランチ。お元気なマスターのトークが面白い。)
手で食べていたのは4人中私のみw スウェーデンで外食をすると全体的に味付けが


  1. Hej Ranju!

    Vad kul att du börjat skriva i din blogg igen :)
    Det var jättekul att ses!
    Hoppas alla förberedelser inför att flytta till Sverige går bra, ser fram emot när du flyttar hit :)

    クラム!: )
    また来年 :D

  2. Hey Raju, I chanced upon your blog from your Instagram linked to me by a friend. I don't know your back story yet, but I'm a Singaporean trying to move to Stockholm to be with my boyfriend.

    I agree with you too, Stockholm is beautiful in its own way, it may not be the most exciting place to live in, but it's ok when your heart is full :)

    Cheers to new beginnings! :)