23 November 2009

H&M Zara

H&M and Zara are very useful for me who is like a poor student.
they have cheap stuffs but the designs are trendy.
I didn't really want to take trains coz i have panic attack
but when i was listening to music by Ipod,
I could bare the situation.

I meant to buy a coat but
couldnt find any coats which can fit on me.
so i just bought a pair of shoes & some accesories.

When I looked at the site called stockholm street style,
one girl was wearing a really cool cardigan which is sold at Zara.
when I went to Zara & asked a male staff about it,
he brought me the "exact" one.
I bought that of course :D
damn cute.

That might be the one which i'm gonna wear when
I will see my friends next month ;)

oh jesus.... oh no, buddha,
Let me start working as soon as possible!
we'll see if my medication will help me a lot or not.
I try to believe that it will!


  1. Hey Ranju! Oh no! Are you ok? Why do you have panic attacks on the train? Too many people? Trains in Japan are CRAZZZZZYYYYYY! I think I kind of thrive off of it though, since we have nothing like it in Oklahoma. haha

  2. truly crazy on trains in the morning, right? i have disgusting panick attacks sometimes, everywhere. T-T I do want to live in a such relieving place like your hometown sometimes!