05 November 2009


This is the second time that I baked Cinamon Rolls.
I made it so good this time!
The shape of mine in the pic is a Finnish style.
It's called korvapuusti which means "a punched ear."
hmm interesting.
I bought another item of Kate Moross' from England.
She is my all-time favourite designer.
Well, she's literally an illustrator but also designed Tees and
accesories, and make music videos nowadays.
so very talented!
My new item is a triangle necklace of her.
She started to sell white ones before, but they soon got sold out.
I wanted to get a white one but it's not being sold this time, so
chose a black one.
in which situation should I wear it...
Wish I could be going out slowly, and be going to any gigs to wear it.

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