22 June 2010

dinner party & packing for Sssssssweeeedeeeen!!

last sunday, my uni friend & I had a FIRST dinner party at her room. OMG, how haven't we done this kind of stuff just till now?! I sooo much love cooking something for people, so feel like having such chances more from now, in the future! We made Japanese styled hamburgs ourselves, like shopping ingredients.. discussing how we make them. Cooking is also one of creations! There are tons of working creators in different fields, but isn't it just truly hard to choose one & to concentrate on doing the thing. My friend might also have the same emotions & some difficult period at the moment. like, having too much stuffs to do!
I once was told that it's real good that you have many interests, but it's real hard to combine all of them. I guess it's just also hard to choose "one" but I will aim to find something to be able to be proud of, at least.
Now, for me, it's sure gonna be Swedish. & one of my biggest hobbies is Photography, so I'd love to improve the skills even a bit more than now! Taking taking taking lots! That must be the way to improve.
Either way, keeping on doing must be the key for me to do anything. Encourages & not getting bored soon!
Anyways, the hamburgs we made were dang good ;D

Oh damn it.
I've started packing my trunk case since today. I'm terribly anxious about the luggage weight. The limit is 20kg, but my trunk case is already shit heavy. But, I only have that case which is enough big to travel for 2 months so can't really help it.........
I tried to shrink most of my clothes & my pillow in the plastic bags so there are enough spaces to put more stuffs, but when I think about the weight limit, it's almost impossible to put more stuffs. What am I supposed to do!!! I know there will be more stuffs added in Sweden when I get back here, so should think about it..
Heavy heavy heavy!!!!!! My luggage's gonna be my very good exercise as I lift it & roll it.
I could rarely imagine how exhausting I make ready. Hmmm I'm lately so busy that I don't really have time to think like what I am gonna do or stuffs like that, haha. Ok! All I gotta clear is the weight matter!!!
I'm planning to head to Narita Airport by my dad's car. I truly appreciate that he canceled his job to take me to Narita that day. Well, I will SO MUCH miss choco, mom and dad. I'll do my very best & try to enjoy eeeeevery single moment when I'll be there. :D Buddha bless me.

Bye for a short while, JAPAN!!!

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