10 November 2011


I've missed the BBQ taco which I tasted a bit at Taco Bar in Stockholm, and have wanted to make my own one 'cause we don't have Taco Bar in Japan. The sweet rich tasted BBQ sauce really suits the taco & the sour cream sauce on it! It tasted absolutely gorgeous. What I was a bit surprised is that my grandma really really liked the taco. I thought the sauce might be too sweet for her, but she liked everything in & on the taco, like the sauces, spicy tasted chicken in it, and tortilla!
I used to eat canned chili con carne & rice together when I was staying in Sweden 'cause it was perfectly easy and fast. But it is actually much yummier than you expect! I sometimes think that the dishes of Middle southern American countries have good matches with rice. Ahhh that was absolutely one of the satisfying dinners I've experienced maybe.

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