03 June 2013

Oändlig lycka på dem

My cousin(female) looked mature, proud and stunning at the wedding. She & I are the same age, but I haven't really realized that we grew up like real mature people this much until now. Maybe I slightly have a wish which I still wanted to stay at the time when we used to play together in our childhood. But we're enough mature to live with our own partner, have kids, and make family like our parents did. Before the wedding, I thought I'd cry when I'd look at her in wedding dresses, but yes I guessed right. It was just like I was dreaming during the ceremony and the party, and might wake up in a few hours, and would feel "Ah, that was just a dream." 
I do feel happy for her and her husband who has her as his wife. All of my cousins from the family are very heart-warming, genuine and hardworking. I'm proud of having them as my cousins. 

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