14 October 2011


I'm a little crazy about using instagram. I instagramed me before going to school.
This is basically the application for iPhone, so when I use the program, it is more troublesome, like
I copy photos in my iPod touch through the net or iTunes, and finally I can upload the photos on instagram
by my ipod touch. Wish I could afford to get an iPhone though. Look, staying being naked at home makes you
feel more natural. Sometimes make-ups or clothes are not needed in life.


  1. I agree with the thing about staying natural from time to time :) It's awesome.

    Kämpa på!

  2. Hej Bill kun :)
    Arigato neee. Is everything going well for you?
    Ah! I now feel nostalgic about the coincident meeting at the strömming stand, hehe :)